Our Network

Partnering with highly regarded firms across Asia are themselves ESOMAR and/or ISO certified, ASCENTIQ manages international projects on behalf of clients.  Our dedicated International Project Managers have unparalleled fieldwork experience managing multi-countries studies with diverse cultures and languages in the region. 


What We Do

ASCENTIQ is an independent full-service research firm, with access to a network of research professionals from more than 14 countries throughout Asia and Middle East.  

ASCENTIQ’s consultants have more than a decade of consulting experience with financial services, working with some of the largest financial institutions in the region. Highly competent in the design of Customer Engagement and Employee Engagement research programs for, ASCENTIQ conducts research studies in:  

Brand Research

Business-to-Business Research

Consumer Research

Customer Satisfaction Studies

Customer Loyalty Research

Employee Research

Opinion Polling

Tracking Studies

Usage & Attitude Studies

Research Capabilities

ASCENTIQ’s consultants are well versed and knowledgeable on a full range of quantitative and qualitative market research methodologies.   Depending on the target audience and coverage of the study requirements, our consultants will propose suitable data collection methodologies and sampling plan, design the appropriate survey instruments, and framing the analytic plan with an aim to provide valuable insights to clients. 

Desk Research

Quantitative Research 

1. Computer Assisted Portable Interviews
2. Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews
3. Computer Assisted Web Interviews
4. Mail
5. Online Surveys
6. Mystery shoppers & Audit
7. Pen and Paper Interviews

Qualitative Research

1. Focus groups
2. In-depth interviews
3. Recruiting
4. Coaching

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