Who We Are

Strategically based in Singapore, ASCENTIQ is an independent full-service research firm. We specialise in large-scale consumer and business research with focus on both Social Phenomenon as well as  Customer Experience Programs in various sectors across Asia Pacific, Oceania, and Middle East Regions.

At ASCENTIQ, our service begins with our client’s needs. We provide customised solutions that directly address business objectives and maximize client performance.  Our approach typifies a journey where we partner with our clients on an ‘Ascent’ to the summit of new realisation and intelligence (‘IQ’).

A member of the Market Research Society Singapore and the European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research (ESOMAR), ASCENTIQ adopts the industry professional standards and strictly abide by regulations and ethnics of both associations in all research carried out.



Our Logo  AQ

Our logo speaks volumes about ASCENTIQ’s philosophy and what it strives to achieve in every business relationship.

Alpha (Α) and Omega (Ω) are the first and last letters respectively in the classical Greek alphabet.

A” (Alpha) represents the beginning of our partnership, where the journey is characterized by unmatched quality and integrity.

With our relentless effort to provide accurate and timely advisory, intelligence & insights; this ultimately culminates in actionable outcome represented by the symbol “Ω” (Omega).

The orange dot symbolizes the fire within our hearts – the passion, enthusiasm and dedication, which we bring to every client journey we undertake, from start to finish, through thick or thin.

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